Native America before European Colonisation

Native America before European Colonisation

Upon the arrival of Columbus in 1492 in the Caribbean Islands, unknown to columbus (and majority of the eastern hemisphere), he landed on islands located in the middle of two huge continents now known has north and south america, teeming with civilizations and thousands of smaller nations and tribes. The population may have been over…

Small Scale Farmers Cool the Planet

Small Scale Farmers Cool the Planet

via @Mikethemikeman1 Fair World Project: “Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet.” A 17-minute documentary highlighting the role of industrial agriculture in climate change while expounding on how small farmers are combating the climate crisis through regenerative organic agriculture. Tweet

Putting whiffs into words


Why do English speakers struggle to identify even common smells like cinnamon, asks linguist Asifa Majid. Is it down to language itself, or our environment? Why study the language of olfaction? There are centuries-old ideas that humans have evolved to be visual or auditory creatures, and that our senses of smell, taste and touch just…

Against His-Story, Against Leviathan


A 1983 book by Fredy Perlman, for which he is best known. It is a personal critical perspective on contemporary civilization and society. It defined “anarcho-primitivism” for the first time. Download in various formats from Anarchist Library Or read online via Noble Savage who put in the time and energy to type it all out:…

The Story of B

Cover by pigeon_face

The Story of B chronicles the adventures of a preacher called, simply, “B”, and the attempts to stifle his important message. At then end of the novel, Quinn explains that anyone who has internalized the teachings of B to the point that they can preach them as well as “B” can, are themselves a “B”,…

Deep Sea


Sea life in a whole new way! Deep Sea, a new underwater adventure, transports audiences deep below the ocean surface. Through the magic of IMAX® and IMAX® 3D, moviegoers will swim with some of the planet’s most unique, dangerous and colorful creatures, and understand this inspiring underworld. The film is directed by world-renowned underwater cinematographer,…

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror

oilfactor After assessing today’s dwindling oil reserves and skyrocketing use of oil for fuels, plastics and chemicals, documentary The Oil Factor questions the motives for the U.S. wars in the Middle-East and Central Asia where 3/4 of the world’s oil and natural gas is located. With exclusive footage shot on location in Iraq, Pakistan and…

The Bonobo Ape – Great Human Apes

The Bonobo Ape – Great Human Apes

With their intelligent gaze, human-like posture, and peaceful nature, it’s no wonder bonobos—one of five great apes, along with gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and humans—remind us of ourselves. But while we share a common hominoid ancestor with bonobos as well as 98 percent of our DNA, this unique primate has been largely overlooked by all but…